Highland Park Park District Automates Parking Payment at Rosewood Beach

To simplify things for both the Park District and those who frequent Rosewood Beach, the Park District decided that a Cale CWT parking terminal. Patrons pay by credit/debit card, are issued a parking permit, and then display it on their vehicle’s dashboard. Passes can also be purchased for individuals to access the beach. This eliminates the past practice of having to drive up the road to the Community Center to purchase a permit and return to the beach.

Village of Bellwood Goes Automated with Cale and Total Parking Solutions

The Village of Bellwood Metra Station provides parking for less than 100 vehicles. But no matter how small, they are treated with the same as the Orland Parks, Evanstons, and Crystals Lakes with 1,000+ spaces. One pay by space CWT is now in operation there, allowing commuters to pay with credit cards, bills, or coins. The Village of Bellwood staff are collecting, enforcing, and auditing in ways that are exponentially more efficient than the old honor boxes.