News 2008

City of Joliet Brings Their Metra Train Station Parking System into the 21st Century

Due to the overwhelming success and positive feedback since the installation of the pay by space station in the Chicago St. parking lot, the City has decided to invest in three additional machines – two for the New Avenue parking lot and one for the York St. lot.  The user’s comments have included the pleasure of having multiple payment options (especially credit card) and the issuance of receipts.  From the City’s perspective, the most beneficial elements have been the revenue security and auditing, the ease of collection, and the fact that repairs or maintenance were practically non-existent.  And, those few times they did need to call for help, Total Parking Solutions, Inc was there.  Now that the antiquated manual parking system is history, the City of Joliet parking staff has much more time to dedicate to duties that the residents will realize and appreciate



Village of Oak Park Realizes the Benefits of Cale Multi-Space Equipment and Confidently Moves Forward

When the Village of Oak Park reopened the Marion St. Mall to traffic and parking in November of 2007, they figured that it would be an excellent opportunity to put pay by space parking to the test.  Although they have had a few pay stations operating at other locations in the Village, none are in areas with the large volume of use that the mall presents.  The Cale pay by space terminal performed as they had hoped.  So in response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback they received, the Village of Oak Park invested in two more units.  These pay stations were installed in the same business district in October of 2008 and are performing just as well.  An added benefit has been the credit card payment feature.  It’s been an enormous help in coping with the “consequences” of a recent rate increase that single space meters would not.  The Village has recently approved the purchase of an additional 11 pay stations that will be delivered in the spring of 2009.


Oak Lawn Expands Parking System

The Village of Oak Lawn has expanded their Pay by Space parking system to include the main commuter parking facility at the Metra Train station. The decision to add 3 Cale Pay by Space terminals for the main facility was based upon the success of the Cale solar powered terminals at the Pilgrim Faith commuter lot provided by Total Parking Solutions, Inc of Downers Grove.

Along with the addition of the new terminals, all terminals now accept credit cards for payment. The additional mode of payment was immediately accepted by the parking patrons who have voiced their approval based on the ease of use and speed of the transaction process.

The Village is very pleased with the overall success of the project. It has eliminated hours of wasted time and resources from the old honor box system that had been in use at both parking facilities.


Metra Rail Awards Contract to Total Parking Solutions, Inc.

 Metra (Chicago, IL), one of the largest and most successful commuter rail systems in the country, has awarded Total Parking Solutions, Inc of Downers Grove, IL an on-going contract to provide Pay by Space equipment for various train depot parking lots owned by Metra and operated by Impark.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc, a partner of Cale Systems USA, will be installing Compact XL terminals. The contract includes 37 train stations in various areas of the Metra system.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc will partner with Divane Brothers Electric of Franklin Park, IL who we be responsible for all civil works associated with the project.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc currently lists 31 Municipalities that operate Metra stations in its customer base. Phase 1 of the contract will begin immediately, with phase 2 & 3 following close behind. The prime factors for Metra in the decision to award the contract to Total Parking Solutions, Inc / Cale was the reliability of the equipment and the unmatched customer service and support provided by Total Parking Solutions, Inc.


Lakeshore Community of St. Joseph, Michigan Upgrades their Pay and Display Pay Stations by Installing Cale

Several years ago the City of St. Joseph, Michigan installed pay and display terminals at two of their waterfront parking lots.  The application worked extremely well and the City was more than satisfied with the decision to use multi-space meters.  However, as years passed, the functionality of the machines did not stand up to the elements, the technology became obsolete, and it was now time to replace them.

With the experience and knowledge of multi-space parking equipment now in hand, they knew what they wanted.  A pay station that’s operation was easy and straightforward for them and the user, separate compartments for maintenance and revenue, offered reliable and secure cellular credit card processing, and had a local service company that was committed to supporting their investment.  After some comprehensive research, it was decided that Cale and Total Parking Solutions, Inc would best suit their application.  The Tiscornia Park and City Boat Launch parking lots are now smooth sailing!


Village of Riverside Replaces Pay Station at Metra Parking Lot  

The Village of Riverside, Il. realized earlier this year that they were long overdue to replace their pay by space terminal at the train station.  Not only had the unit become obsolete, it only accepted coin and mag-stripe debit cards – no bill payment.  A recently approved parking rate increase would be even more difficult for users to bear without bill payment made available.  After a public advertisement for RFP’s, they reviewed the responses.  They took into account the overall ease of using the pay station, service coverage, references, and cost.  It was decided that TPS and Cale would be the prudent choice.  The new, more reliable chip, debit card, bill payment, and TPS have made parking in Riverside easier for both the Village and it’s’ commuters.

Oak Lawn Goes Green

The Village of Oak Lawn, IL has installed a solar powered Cale multi-space meter into their North Metra commuter parking lot. The Pay by Space terminal will accept coins and bills and will soon provide for credit card payment. The installation of the Pay by Space terminal is the first step in replacing existing honor boxes at both Metra parking lots. The terminals for the main garage will be installed by mid-summer.

Working in conjunction with Total Parking Solutions, Inc ,  the Village decided to install a solar powered unit to help reduce the impact on the environment. The Village has always been a leader in environmental awareness and this installation helps to promote a Village wide “Green” policy.

This new system will greatly increase the efficiency of enforcement and provide a secure and accurate means of collection of the funds. The terminals will also provide parking patrons with a receipt as proof of payment.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc. was chosen for their overall commitment to servicing their customers, their professionalism and the reliability of the Cale equipment.