News 2012

Village of Roselle is the Latest to Convert to Cale Pay Stations

After issuing an RFP to replace their parking pay terminals at their Metra station, the selection process was narrowed down to three finalists.  After little fanfare, the Village elected to go with Cale and Total Parking Solutions, Inc.  The list of references provided by TPS checked out and held up to what Roselle hoped to expect in regard to machine performance and reliable and prompt service.  Some features that they will benefit from over the old pay stations will be quicker transaction time, credit card acceptance, remote enforcement, and pay by phone/app.


Village of Cary has TPS Replace Second Set of Pay Stations

Due to the immediate success of the transition to Cale pay stations at their west parking lot, the Village of Cary has gone ahead and replaced the machines at their east parking lot.  The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from commuters allowed the Village to make the change sooner they anticipated.  In addition to the commuters’ satisfaction, parking enforcement staff has commented on how much easier their job has become with WebOffice’s remote enforcement, since they are now able to patrol and enforce from their vehicles.


Midlothian Invests in New Technology

Working to provide a more efficient and user friendly parking system for commuters at the Midlothian Metra station, the Village of Midlothian has decided to enter into an agreement with Total Parking Solutions, Inc of Downers Grove, IL to provide an automated parking fare system.

The new system will replace a paper token system that the Village had adopted in 2007 that had been intended to eliminate commuter issues with the antiquated Honor Boxes. However, the paper token system only added to the frustration of commuters and Village staff.

Along with the addition of the 5 new terminals, commuters will be able to use credit cards for payment, as well as, providing a Pay by Phone option.


New Buffalo Michigan Installs Cale

When reading that their neighbor to the north, South Haven, decided to go with Total Parking Solutions, Inc to address their parking needs, the City of New Buffalo followed suit.  In place of their current operation of an attendant and access gates, they will be automating payment by installing a Cale Compact XL and replacing both the entrance and exit gates with Amano gates.  A new “lot full” sign and counter will deactivate the pay station when the lot becomes full.  In addition to bills and coins, credit card payment will now be accepted.  This will free up the attendant to patrol the parking lot and assist with traffic control.


Lake Bluff Replaces Coin Operated Pay and Display Unit

The Village of Lake Bluff has chosen Total Parking Solutions, Inc to replace their antiquated pay and display machine at their Metra parking lot.  The commuters will drive up to the Cale Compact XL parking terminal, insert their payment, remove their ticket/receipt, and will then display their ticket on their dashboard.  The commuters will now have the ability to pay with bills and credit cards.


Park Forest Upgrades Parking Fare System

The Village of Park Forest has chosen Total Parking Solutions, Inc. of Downers Grove to help them upgrade their existing parking system at the Metra commuter parking lot. The decision was based upon references provided to the Village by other satisfied communities in the area.

The Village has asked Total Parking Solutions, Inc to replace one of the existing “Exit” pay terminals with a Cale Compact parking terminal. The installation of the new equipment will bring the added convenience of payment by credit card for commuters, along with accepting coins and bills.

The installation of the one terminal will serve as a test for the Village which has expressed interest in purchasing more terminals based on the performance of the first unit.


Total Parking Solutions, Inc Awarded Contract for City of South Haven

The City of South Haven, MI has awarded Total Parking Solutions, Inc the contract to install new parking terminals at both the city’s North and South Beach parking lots, as well as replacing the existing terminal to control entry at the Black River boat launch parking area.

The terminals at the beach lots will replace the old slot pay boxes that were currently in place. The new pay by space system will allow beach goers to use a credit cards or their cell phone to pay for parking along with bills and coins. Customers will receive a receipt that will serve as proof of payment if ever needed.

The Black River boat launch terminal will operate the same as the current system; opening the entry gate upon payment. However, the new terminal will be equipped to accept credit cards.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc was selected due to the outstanding references provided by other municipalities and the strength of their management and service teams.