News 2005

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Selects Total Parking Solutions, Inc and Cale

In an effort to better manage the on-street parking issues in areas surrounding the University; UWO has selected through an RFP process Total Parking Solutions, Inc. of Downers Grove, IL to provide Cale pay & display meters. After a lengthy trial to evaluate the concept of pay & display and compare Total Parking Solutions, Inc Cale meters against Parkeon meters, UWO chose Total Parking Solutions, Inc.

Although there was some initial skepticism over the concept of pay & display and how it would be accepted, the concept has proved out. Whether this was because the parking patrons are mainly university students who tend to be more in tune with a technology solution or because the mainstream American population realizes single space meters have seen their day, remains in question. Regardless, there is no question on the success for the University.

UWO chose Total Parking Solutions, Inc to provide Cale 104 Compact units not only for the technical benefits of the units over the competition, but for Total Parking Solutions, Inc unparalleled customer service provided to their customers. Some benefits of the Cale meters are, fully programmable on-site software, solid GSM communication from meters to management software and enhanced features of the Argus management software.

Currently the meters accept coins only as means of payment. However, the University is strongly considering the use of a parking debit card. The Cale meters utilize chip technology cards as opposed to magnetic stripe cards. The cards could be purchased in various places designated by the University and used to pay for parking. This would make it much easier for the parking patron by providing a second means of payment.

The placement of the current phase was completed in October with meters slated for the near future to include more areas surrounding the University. Due to the success of the meters and the concept of pay & display, the City of Oshkosh is also considering placement of meters in other areas of the city. The city widely recognizes the advantages of the meters, the Argus central management software and the commitment of Total Parking Solutions to their customers.


Village to Install Automated Debit Card System at Metra Lot

Over the coming months, the Village will be working with Metra to streamline the existing daily fee payment system for commuters. The Village has entered into a contract with Total Parking Solutions, Inc. to install a Pay Station at the Metra Lot in place of the existing slot honor box system currently in use for daily fee parking. The new station would still accept cash & coins, but will also be set up to accept a debit card with a predetermined amount of time which can be purchased at the Metra Station. The commuter would simply swipe the card to deduct the daily fee. The improved system will be more convenient for commuters and require less staff time to monitor. The new system will be located in the same general area as the existing payment box. The daily parking fee will remain at $1.00 per day.

( Source: Village News Page 4 Lemont, IL)


Big Basin Marina Seeks Solutions

Big Basin Marina in Channahon, Illinois operates on the DesPlaines River and it is located near many popular boating locales, both leisure and sporting.  Needless to say, it has an extremely busy boat ramp, especially on the weekends.  During the busy weekend Elaine Disera can easily justify posting an employee to collect a one-time, in/out fee from boaters.  However, weekdays are a different story and the low volume doesn’t justify putting an employee at the ramp.  Therefore, users are more or less relegated to the honor system and are depended upon to seek out someone from the marina to make payment. Most conformed, but Elaine felt there were enough users “getting by” for her to seek a solution.  Elaine called Total Parking Solutions, Inc.  Installing an access gate was obviously the way to go, but what mechanism can be used to collect the fees?  Also, the ramp is more than sixty feet wide, just a bit long for a gate and too large for an unmanned access lane.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc suggested Big Basin Marina install a Cale MP 104XL Pay and Display unit to work in conjunction with a Magnetic Auto-Control gate.  The boater would pay half of the usual fee at the machine, the gate would raise, the boater would drop their watercraft and the gate would lower after the boat trailer had safely cleared the detector loops.  When it was time for the boater to leave, they would repeat the procedure paying the other half of the usual fee.  Annual permit holders were easily accommodated; they used the same access area except they were issued smart cards to use in the machine rather than cash.

Since only one lane width was required when the machine was operating, they needed to address the issue of the ramp width.  Solution – Four magnetic “Gorilla” bollard posts were installed on the side of the ramp that the gate did not cover during the time the machine is in operation.  Then, the posts are easily removed with a lever when the entire ramp is opened up for the busy weekend periods.

This solution has given Big Basin Marina the ability to effectively control ramp access revenue during non-peak hours.


Cale, USA Partners with Total Parking Solutions, Inc. in Midwest  

Cale Parking Systems, USA has agreed to partner with Total Parking Solutions, Inc in the upper Midwest region. Cale, a provider of various multi-space parking equipment since 1955, has been making great strides in the U.S. marketplace since opening a U.S. operation in Clearwater, Florida in 2003. In an effort to continue its growth, Cale, USA selected Total Parking Solutions, Inc to market and support their product in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

This partnership brings a common philosophy of uncompromising customer service shared by the principles of both company’s. The co-owners of Total Parking Solutions, Inc, Joe Smith and Tom Zawacki, have a combined 30 years experience in the parking industry. Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, Total Parking is positioned to promote Pay & Display and Pay by Space technology for on and off street applications throughout the area. This partnership will allow customers in the region to take advantage of the finest equipment available for these types of applications, as well as, the assurance of a local support entity.