News 2011

Total Parking Solutions, Inc Celebrates Six Year Anniversary

Since Joe Smith and Tom Zawacki opened Total Parking Solutions, Inc on May 1st, 2005, the company has grown to a client list of over 50, with 300+ pay stations in operation.  As Tom explained, “We would be lying if we said it has been without its challenges.  But overcoming those challenges has only made us better at what we do – providing the type of service that we set out to in the beginning.  As we continue our partnership with Cale, we will also preserve the open and straightforward relationships we have forged with our customers as we provide what you need to keep your parking system operating as efficiently and transparent as possible.   We would like to say thank you to all of our customers”.


City of Lake Forest Selects TPS and Cale

Through what was a rigorous RFP process, the City of Lake Forest has elected to go with Cale pay stations at the west Metra commuter lot.  A total of four vendors submitted bids.  In doing their due diligence, the City was high on the construction and ease of operation of Cale’s meter and they were extremely impressed with what TPS’s references had to say about their service reliability.  The pay stations will accept bills and credit cards as well as allow commuters the option to use the recently integrated Pay by Phone /App.


Village of Cary Issues RFP to Replace Pay Stations

Several years ago, in an effort to make life easier for staff and their commuters, the Village of Cary went from honor boxes to electronic pay stations.  Since then, there have been some major technological advances in parking equipment, especially by companies like Cale.  So in taking the next step the Village is replacing the antiquated pay stations at the west depot with Cale Compact XL’s.  The pay stations will accept coins, bills, credit cards and will be integrated to Pay by Phone/App.  TPS and Cale were chosen over several other vendors that submitted bids.


Cale/Parkmobile Partnership Takes Off

Since the first Parkmobile Pay by Phone application went live in Barrington November 2010, other TPS customers have quickly lined up to add this utility to their commuter parking payment option repertoire.  Crystal Lake, Hinsdale, Forest Park are already on board with Downers Grove, Orland Park, and Oak Lawn going live sometime in April 2011.


Libertyville Upgrades Technology

The Village of Libertyville has elected to upgrade the technology used at the Prairie View Metra train station for their daily parking patrons. The Village will install 5 Cale Pay by Space parking terminals that will replace the antiquated honor boxes currently on-site. The decision to use Total Parking Solutions, Inc of Downers Grove, IL was approved by the board after an in depth selection process.

The addition of the new terminals will now allow patrons to use credit cards for payment, as well as, cash. Along with the installation is the addition of the integrated Pay by Phone system through Parkmobile™. This convenient mode of payment is being widely accepted at stations throughout the area.


Evanston Feels Time is Right for Pay and Display Parking Trial

The City of Evanston, with cooperation from Total Parking Solutions, Inc , is conducting a sixty day trial for Pay and Display Parking.  One solar powered Cale Compact parking terminal was installed on Clark St. The pay station will accept coins and credit card as payment. After the expiration of the trial, the City will evaluate the Cale WebOffice reports as well as the feedback received from its users, and then decide how they plan to move forward.


City of Waukegan Upgrades Parking System with New Technology

In an effort to better accommodate commuter parking patrons at the Metra train station, the City of Waukegan has chosen to install 4 Cale Pay and display terminals provided by Total Parking Solutions, Inc of Downers Grove.

The new terminals will allow for credit card payment along with cash. Due to an increase in parking rates at the Metra commuter station, the additional mode of payment was necessary and should be immediately accepted by the parking patrons based on the ease of use and speed of the transaction process.

The City of Waukegan chose Total Parking Solutions, Inc / Cale over its current vendor based upon customer references citing superior customer service and equipment reliability. The new terminals will be installed by May 1st.


Fontana Decides Parking Meters Can No Longer Bear It

The City of Fontana, Wisconsin has added two more pay by space meters to their Cale multi-space meter inventory.   Since the establishment of credit card acceptance at the other parking lots has made the visitor’s experience to Fontana that much more satisfying, converting the beach lot was a foregone conclusion.  City staff also welcomes eliminating the time-consuming chore of collecting and repairing the antiquated single space meters along the shore of Geneva Lake.


TPS Returns to St. Joe, Michigan

For the third year in a row, St. Joe is installing Cale pay and display terminals this spring.  Two units are being installed in Lion’s Park Beach along Lake Michigan.  The pay stations, as all of their others, will accept coin, bills, and credit cards.


Hinsdale Going with Solar Power Pay Station at West Hinsdale Station

The Village of Hinsdale is converting its’ West Hinsdale Metra station over from permit parking only to pay by space, with credit card acceptance only.  The decision was made to open up parking to all commuters, not just those regulars that traveled to Chicago every day in which buying a permit made economical sense for them.  The pay station will be taking advantage of Cale’s track record of solar powered reliability