News 2013

Kankakee Valley Park District Replaces Obsolete Pay Stations

The Kankakee Valley Park District manages and maintains three parking lots along the Kankakee River.  The users and the K.V.P.D. have been frustrated by the constant issues and breakdowns with their pay stations for years, so naturally, it was time to update.  The solution was Total Parking Solutions, Inc and Cale.  Three Cale 104 XL pay and display terminals have been installed – the units accept coin, bills, and credit cards.  For the first time in years, K.V.P.D. staff can exhale as Memorial Day approaches knowing that the new pay stations are in and TPS is only a phone call away.


Sunshine Parking Installs Cale in South Loop Parking Lot

Sunshine Parking knew replacing the honor boxes in their South Loop parking lot was a foregone conclusion.  To fill the bill, Total Parking Solutions, Inc installed two Cale 104 XL pay and display terminals with WebOffice, allowing them to receive alarms and monitor activity at the machines.

After the installation, we did our usual follow up and received this back from John at Sunshine: “Everything is GREAT and VIC IS THE MAN …. (print that out and put it up on a wall somewhere in the office!)”    Enough said.


Des Plaines Adds Five Cale Pay Stations

As part of a Metra station rehab project, the City of Des Plaines has added five pay by space Cale MPCXL pay stations to the two they already had in operation since 2008.  As part of this installation, they added Cale WebOffice, allowing commuters the use of credit cards, as well as giving their C.S.O. the ability to enforce electronically with remote enforcement. 


City of South Haven, Michigan Continues Its’ Conversion to Cale

Since installing seven pay by space terminals in 2012, the City of South Haven has reaped the operational and financial benefits of an electronic parking payment system.  Their satisfaction with TPS and Cale gave them reason to continue on this path, removing honor boxes to install two additional MPCXL pay by space terminals.  Now all beach goers have the ability to pay with credit card or by the convenience of their phone with the integrated pay by phone/app system.


Last Stop on the Metra Union Pacific North goes with TPS/Cale

The City of Kenosha is discontinuing their cumbersome parking permit system and has selected Total Parking Solutions, Inc and Cale to replace it.  Two Cale pay and display terminals will greet the commuters this October when they park at Kenosha Metra station.  Commuters will be able to pay with coin, bills, or credit cards.  When these machines prove successful, the City plans to expand the system into various County parking areas in the very near future.    


Downer Grove Adds To Their Pay Station Population 

With the Belmont train underpass project now completed, which included expansion of its parking, the Village of Downers Grove saw it was necessary to add another Cale PCXL to compensate for the additional parkers.  In addition, as an added convenience at the Main St. parking garage, they felt it was necessary to install an additional Cale terminal on one of the upper floors of the garage.  As intended, this has aided to lessen congestion during peak periods in the main lobby.  T.P.S. prides itself in seeing another returning customer.

Village of Brooklyn, Illinois reaches out to TPS for Help with Their Parking “Problem”

Brooklyn, Il., whose claim to fame is being the oldest town incorporated by African Americans in the U.S., called T.P.S. to ask for some help.  Their “problem” is that, due the popularity of their late night entertainment district, they have an influx of people coming and parking on their streets.  Their newly elected Mayor felt that a paid parking system should be implemented to help the City reap the benefits of that popularity.  Total Parking Solutions, Inc agreed to supply Brooklyn with four used Cale 104XL pay and display terminals.  The pay stations accept coin, bills, and credit cards.  The agreement allowed the City to pay for the machines over time with the revenues from the new system.