News 2015

Aurora Converts Second Parking Lot at Route 59 Metra Station to Pay by Plate

After seeing the success of the Cale pay by plate application at the Aurora Transportation Center, the City went ahead and converted the larger Route 59 Metra station parking lot. The sixteen Cale CWT parking terminals installed by Total Parking Solutions, Inc. are in operation in six separate banks to accommodate the pedestrian flow of this expansive parking lot. A new payment method is being implemented here for the first time in the U.S., a customer exclusive parking debit card. The “MiFare” card needs only to be presented to the reader, not inserted, making the transaction quicker. Also, the user’s license plate can be programmed onto the card so there’s no need to enter it each time you park. All other payment options remain available; credit card, bills, coins, and pay by phone.


New City of Elmhurst Downtown Garage Adds More Cale and Total Parking Solutions, Inc.

A brand new parking facility in downtown was needed to provide more parking for the burgeoning commercial district and the growing number of commuters. Two Cale CWT pay by space terminals were added to the inventory, bringing the total City wide to eleven. These pay stations are all linked via Cale WebOffice, giving parking enforcement officers the ability to access village-wide parking through only one account, much more efficient. Bills, credit cards, coins, and pay by phone are all accepted as forms of payment.


Lake Forest Upgrades East Downtown Metra to Cale Pay by Space Parking Terminals

Thanks to a Metra station rehab, the City of Lake Forest no longer will be unfolding dollar bills now that the honor boxes have been replaced at their second Metra station. Commuters now have the ability to pay with credit/debit cards as well as bills and coins. Parking enforcement staff no longer is hand writing violators onto paper since that can all be accessed electronically on Cale WebOffice. Errors no more.


Cicero Commuter Parking Payment Now in 21st Century

At the old stomping grounds of Al Capone (he may have even paid to park at the honor boxes we removed), Cicero have converted from manual to electronic with the installation of a Cale pay by space terminal with the option of paying by phone via the Passport Parking app. Collection can now be done weekly rather than daily and enforcement is now electronic and not manual, and takes only minutes. Payment can also be made via credit card, bills, and coins.


Lombard Metra Station Rehab Includes Upgrade to Parking Pay Terminals with TPS

After an evaluation of bids in response to their RFP, Lombard selected Total Parking Solutions, Inc. to install four state of the art Cale CWT pay by space terminals. The Village made it a point to call service references and Total Parking passed with flying colors, making the decision process much easier. At the start up, commuters were extremely satisfied with the simplicity of the pay stations and the payment options including the Passport pay by phone/app.


TPS/Cale Easy Choice for Riverside

Ten years ago, the Village of Riverside selected Total Parking Solutions, Inc. to replace their antiquated Parkeon pay station. Obviously, they were satisfied with the Cale terminal and the service provided by TPS because once again they chose to go that route. Initially, the reason they contacted TPS was to look into adding credit card and pay by phone payment to their existing Cale terminal. However, after seeing the Cale CWT terminal, they decided it was time for new technology. Parking staff now enjoys the efficiency of WebOffice’s remote enforcement and the new features of the CWT.