News 2016

Total Parking Solutions Awarded 10 year Contract

Total Parking Solutions, Inc. and CPS Chicago Parking, LLC have completed a contract that will provide for complete refurbishment of 123 Cale parking terminals at Chicago-land Metra stations maintained by CPS, as well as, an on-going service and maintenance agreement. The contract is for a 10 year term and is valued over $850,000. Total Parking has been providing service for these locations since 2007 on a time and material basis but now the long term agreement allows TPS to encompass all 123 terminals into an all inclusive, comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program ensuring better reliability of the terminals for CPS, Metra and the commuters that use the equipment. Included with this agreement was a complete overhaul of the of the terminals to update bill acceptors, and bring the terminals back to original manufacturing specifications. All new graphics will also be added to help clarify use of the terminals for commuters and to bring a fresh new appearance.

Total Parking Solutions, has been the Midwest leader in pay by space meter technology since 2005 serving over 75 municipalities and 5 major universities encompassing over 600 terminals.

Jefferson Park before

Jefferson Park After



Village of Palatine to do Major Conversion from Honor Boxes to Pay By Plate System

In 2015 the Village of Palatine had a consultant conduct an in depth parking study of their 1,000+ space parking system. A major overhaul was recommended to go from the horse and buggy honor boxes to a license plate recognition enforcement/pay by license plate parking payment system.  Eleven Cale CWT terminals will be installed that will be integrated with a LPR camera system and Passport Parking’s pay by phone/app and permitting platform. Once proven successful, it’s expected that this full-blown parking system automation will serve as a model for other municipalities with parking inventories of this size. Commuters will have the ability to pay with bills, coins, credit/debit cards, pay by phone or purchase a monthly permit on the Village website white labeled through Passport.


Vernon Township Adds a Third Pay Station for the Sake of Safety

The students from Adlai E. Stevenson High School were welcome to park at the Metra station parking lot; however, they needed to cross the Metra tracks to pay the daily fee. Safety was an issue. The Township decided to add a third parking terminal but powering the machine would be a major expense. Solution – a solar powered Cale parking terminal will be installed on that side of the railroad tracks prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year.


U.I.C. Removes more Single Space Meters in Favor of Pay By Space Terminals

Another parking lot on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus has been switched from meters to pay stations. When the students return for the 2016 fall semester, they will find it easier to pay for parking. The coin only single space parking meters have been removed and two Cale pay by space terminals installed allow payment of bills, coins, or U.I.C. parking tokens. Parking staff will no longer need to walk to and inspect each meter to enforce, making their job much more efficient and practical.


Chicago Ridge Switches from Honor Boxes to Cale Pay By Space Terminals

Being next door to Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge heard about their automated Cale parking system and thought they should look into it. Their honor boxes were old, both literally and conceptually. They quickly decided that a conversion to a Cale pay by space system was in their staff and their commuter’s best interest. Collection and cash counting is no longer required daily and enforcement is done by way of any web-enabled device, not a pad of paper.


Total Parking Solutions, Inc. Adds another Metra Station Customer on the North Central Service Line

The Village of Mundelein is the latest to install Cale pay by space parking terminals at the Metra parking lot. Commuters now can pay with bills, coins, credit/debit cards and their phones with Passport Parking and get a receipt for proof of payment. Village staff is already taking advantage of WebOffice’s ability to produce financial and management reports for any given time period.


St. Louis Auto Park goes to Automated Parking Terminals with TPS

Directly adjacent to the popular City Museum in downtown St. Louis, St. Louis Auto Park was seeking a way to add payment options and a lack of auditing capability. The solution was two Cale pay by space terminals. Owner Pat Hamill and his staff are now freed up to assist their patrons with the exemplary customer service necessary. Revenue reports can be run daily to reconcile revenues down to the penny. Pay by phone was also added to compliment the pay stations and the acceptance by the public has been great.