News 2007

Joliet Uses Opening of New Parking Lot as Opportunity to Introduce Multi-Space Parking to their City

To help alleviate the parking congestion near the County Courthouse, the City of Joliet opened a new parking lot on Chicago St. at Marion.  However, rather than add to its’ antiquated single space meter program or install an honor box, the City decided it was a perfect opportunity to progress into the multi-space electronic parking arena.  The Cale Compact BNA terminal installed will accept payment in the form of coin, bills, or credit cards.  Staff will have the ability to receive alarms and produce a number of valuable reports through “WebOffice”, Cale’s back-office software system.  Total Parking Solutions, Inc will also monitor the terminal with WebOffice as part of their contracted support program.  If everything goes as expected, the City will be expanding the program in the very near future.


Two Local Villages Convert Municipal Parking Lots from Single Space Meters to Pay by Space Terminals For All the Right Reasons

It has been nearly one year since the Villages of Hinsdale and Forest Park had installed Cale Pay by Space systems in their commuter lots.  Now that they have experienced the advantages of multi-space meters first hand, both Villages have now decided to convert some municipal parking lots as well.  The convenience to their shoppers of allowing different forms of payment (especially credit card), the dependability of the pay stations, and Total Parking Solutions, Inc reliable support were main reasons for the changeover from single space meters.


Total Parking Solutions, Inc Chosen by City of Lockport to Install Cale Equipment

After reviewing bids and references the City of Lockport has chosen Total Parking Solutions, Inc and Cale Parking Equipment to replace the honor boxes with electronic payment terminals at their Metra Station.  To best fit the layout of the parking lots, two pay by space terminals will be installed inside the depot and two in the adjacent shelter.  The commuters will have the option to pay at any terminal with coins, bills, or a rechargeable City parking debit card.  Activation of the system will take place in late June, and as always, TPS staff will be on site to assist the commuters as they familiarize themselves with the new system.


Orland Park Begins Upgrade to Parking Payment System with Total Parking Solutions, Inc

To coincide with the opening of the new 143rd St. Metra Station, the Village has decided that the timing was right to begin upgrading it’s parking payment system from manual to electronic.  The electronic pay by space terminals being installed in the early part of April will accept coin, bill or the Orland Park Parking Card as forms of payment.  The Parking Cards will be available for purchase at a card vending machine inside the station, as well as at the Village Hall Finance Department.  To promote the use of the debit card, the Village will be incurring the initial cost of the cards.  Eager to move ahead, the Village will then be converting the 179th St. Station in August and the 153rd St. Station  this fall.


Richton Park Turns to Total Parking Solutions, Inc & Cale for Metra Commuter Lot Solution

The Village of Richton Park, IL has selected to install Cale multi-space meters into their Metra commuter parking lot. The installation will consist of five Pay by Space terminals and will accept coins, bills and a community parking debit card. The installation of the Pay by Space terminals is one part of a complete parking overhaul at the commuter station approved by the board for the Village. The current “pay as you exit” system will be eliminated due to the many operational and equipment issues posed by this aging system. Total Parking Solutions, Inc will be renumbering and resigning the daily fee commuter-parking areas for Richton Park.

The parking debit card will be sold at the Metra station in a card-vending terminal with a preloaded value on the card. The customer will be able to reload value to the cards at any of the parking terminals.

This new system will greatly increase the efficiency of enforcement and provide a secure and accurate means of collection of the funds. The terminals will also provide parking patrons with a receipt as proof of payment and will eliminate the long exit lines at the commuter lot during peak periods.

Total Parking Solutions, Inc. was chosen for their overall commitment to servicing their customers, their professionalism and the reliability of the Cale equipment. The units are slated for activation in March ’07.